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Our trained technicians will diagnose and repair your device within 20 mins.

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Screen RepairiPhone 5/5ciPhone 5siPhone SEiPhone 6iPhone 6 plusiPhone 6siPhone 6s plusiPhone 7iPhone 7 plusiPhone 8iPhone 8 plusiPhone XiPhone XSiPhone XRiPhone XS Maxiphone 11iphone 11 proiphone 11 pro max
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Screen RepairiPhone 5/5ciPhone 5s
Screen RepairiPhone 6iPhone 6 plusiPhone 6siPhone 6s plus
Screen RepairiPhone 7iPhone 7 plus
Screen RepairiPhone 8iPhone 8 plus
Screen RepairiPhone XiPhone XSiPhone XRiPhone XS Max
Screen Repairiphone 11iphone 11 proiphone 11 pro max
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You break, we fix.

We Specialize in iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and much more…

  • One place for repairing solutions.
  • Having experts for electronic repair. We give you the visible difference and satisfactory service.
  • iPhone has water damage? Samsung has a cracked screen? LG won’t turn on? No matter the problem your device has, we can help.
  • Most repairs are done while you wait.
  • Gives you advanced level service in an affordable price.
  • we give revolutionary service designed to simplify mobile repairs without making them too hard on your wallet. Find the mobile that needs to get repaired, select its color, and that’s it. You will be given our range of services to choose from, like Screen replacement, battery, charging port, microphone, speaker, and logic board. with the best possible quote for your mobile phone repair.
  • Guaranteed security on total device and data.
  • Most trusted gadget repair portal, which lets you place repair orders for your faulty smartphones and tablets. Be it a broken screen, faulty charging port, blurry camera, earpiece or loudspeaker issue, or anything else, we fix everything
  • One-stop solution for complete life cycle management of your smart devices.

Why to choose us


When your phone breaks, you don't want it fixed tomorrow you need it fixed today. Our services are fast and reliable

Premium Quality

We offer premium Quality Parts, Competitive Prices, and Quality Service.

Free Diagnostics

When you bring your phone or tablet to us, we’ll provide you with a free diagnosis to identify the source of any issues, as well as provide a friendly explanation and free quotation for any repairs that may be needed.


Stronger than any phone case, we offers the most reliable warranty on the market.

Mail-In Repair

If you don't live nearby, you can mail us your device and we will take care of the rest.​

We Come to You

We know that life can get busy, and waiting for an insurance replacement or queuing at a phone repair shop uses up time that you just don’t have. we will come to you and repair your device.

We offer A wide range of repairs such as:

  • LCD and/or Touchscreen, Charging Port/Connector, Microphone / Speaker, Front / Main camera, Battery, Ribbon flex and Home button

No Repair
  • power, charging and signal

  • Software, Simcard reader, Memory card reader and Water damage / Liquid damage

Other Services
  • Data recovery and Unlocking

We Fix more than
just a phone

Do you have iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Apple Watch, iPod, drones, cameras, computer/laptop/PC/Mac, MP3 players, or other devices with a broken screen, water damage, malfunctioning audio, or a unique problem and you want it to be fixed fast and professionally? You are in the right place.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Device Doesn’t Switch On

An electronic device not switching on can be the result of many things. Most commonly there is a fault with the mainboard or the battery. We can diagnose a range of issues and replace only what's needed to be.

My Touchscreen Doesn’t Work

Many touchscreens won't work if the device has been a victim to a heavy fall or if the device has previously been 'repaired' and a genuine screen wasn't used in the replacement. All our replacement parts come with warranty.

Flushed My Phone Down the Toilet

That was a bit silly, wasn't it? Some believe putting the device in a bag of rice will solve all your problems. But this isn't true and sometimes the damage has already been done.


  1. Got a glitch?
  2. Let the device take the strain.
  3. Put your phone down.
  4. Damaged devices?
  5. unexpected setback plans?
  6. Time to repair? Relax!


  1. We bring cell phones to life.
  2. Reassuringly professional repairs.
  3. We repair, You explore.