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Although iPads are valuable and versatile, they can break easily, and fixing an iPad can be expensive! This can be particularly troublesome if you depend on your iPad for work or school, and it can be even more so if you have to wait for a repair or replacement. Nothing is more annoying than spending much money on iPad screen repair after an incident.

As we are here to guide you on how to fix an iPad shattered screen issue, you don’t need to worry about it. You just keep reading to make your iPad work right! 

Process Of Repairing An iPad’s Cracked Screen Issues

Here are a few options that you can follow:

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

You can change the iPad screen on your own. DIY kits are available in the market if you’re a tech-savvy person who wants to try them. 

  1. Use a hairdryer to warm the iPad’s edge. It will help to release the adhesive holding the glass to the iPad’s frame.
  2. Use the tool that resembles a blue guitar pick to begin prying the iPad’s glass off.  It might take ten minutes to two hours, depending on how severe your break was. Ensure that every fragment of glass is gone. Be gentle. If the glass separates, the Wi-Fi antenna must remain attached to the body. 
  3. Keep taking the glass off the body and screen. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect little fragments too small to pick up by hand.
  4. You must unscrew four screws on the iPad’s corner to remove the LCD screen after removing all of the glass or digitizer.
  5. Use the green tool to separate the LCD screen and the video connector.
  6. Using the little screwdriver, gently open both digitizer locks. Doing this will fully separate the glass (or digitizer) and iPad frame.
  7. Verify that the iPad frame is glass-free at this stage. You can try turning the frame upside down if there are still some shards within. 
  8. It’s time to install the new glass now! Reverse the order of steps 4, 5, and 6! 

Additional Tips:

Check that there are no fingerprints on the interior of the replacement glass or the LCD screen. After you put your iPads back together, you won’t be able to remove them.

To confirm that the screen is correctly connected, power on the iPad after reconnecting the LCD screen.

Well, that’s over now! Enjoy your brand-new iPad and give yourself a pat on the back!

Visit The Manufacturer’s Customer Care Center

You should contact the Apple Service Center as soon as you see the crack to see what alternatives they have for fixing a shattered iPad screen problem. For example, you should be aware that neither the original one-year warranty nor Apple Care covers accidental damages. 

In addition, unintentional damages are covered twice a year (for a lower price) if you have purchased Apple Care Plus. Aside from that, you will have to pay a significant sum if you want your repairs done at the Apple service facility. The price of iPad repair services varies depending on the model.

Contact Third-Party Repair Shops

If your warranty has expired and you want to repair your iPad shattered screen woes, you can avail more affordable repair options evenyour ipad screen cracked but still works. That means you can contact an iPad repair service like us at Fix And Go NY. With years of experience in repairing, we offer excellent warranties and client satisfaction so that you can rest assured your device is in capable hands. We also use genuine replacement parts and the latest technology to ensure high-quality repairs. Don’t take the chance of giving up on your precious device; bring it to us for repair. The cracked iPad screen problems will be fixed in no time!

Do iPad cracks get worse?

You should pay attention to fixing hairline cracks on iPad cracks as there is a high probability that they can propagate, and the issue can become more serious than you thought. You may need expensive fixes from iPad repairers to repair its shattered screen.

Why is my screen glitching?

The following are common reasons for screen flickering: out-of-date drivers, hardware issues with the graphics card or monitor, incompatible software operating in the background, and variations in the power supply.

What does screen flickering look like?

On video screens, flicker is the visible variation in brightness between cycles. It includes cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions, computer monitors, and plasma computer displays and televisions.


After learning all the essential steps for fixing your shattered iPad screen issues, you can rest assured that they’re fixable. However, you must take preventive measures to avoid this situation in the future.  You should invest in a quality screen protector and iPad case. 

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