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How To Protect Laptop screen From Cracking

Imagine this: you’re in the zone, typing away on your laptop, when suddenly it slips from your grasp and hits the ground with a heart-stopping thud. Your heart races as you flip it over, hoping against hope that your laptop screen hasn’t cracked. Sound familiar? 

We’ve all been there, but fear not! In this enlightening blog brought to you by Fix and Go NY INC., we’re delving deep into the art of safeguarding your laptop screen from the dreaded cracks.

To shield your laptop screen from cracking, experts of computer repairs in New York recommend considering investing in a quality laptop bag or sleeve for padded protection during transport. It is also advised to use a laptop stand to elevate it, reducing accidental knocks. Handle your laptop with care, avoiding pressure on the screen and clear the keyboard before closing, while also avoiding overcrowded bags that could press against the screen.

Shielding Your Laptop Screen: A Masterclass By the Experts of Computer Repair Services on Preventing Cracks!

We have covered everything in this article, from surprising reasons behind laptop screen cracks to expert advice on prevention and repairs. So get ready to become a protector of screens and a guardian of gadgets.

Reasons for Laptop Cracks

Accidental Drops
Life happens, and laptops can accidentally take a tumble. Accidental drops, whether from a table, chair, or your own hands, are among the most common reasons for cracked laptop screens.

Pressure from Items
Placing heavy objects on your laptop or closing it with pens, cables, or other items on the keyboard can exert pressure on the screen, leading to cracks over time.

Uneven Surfaces
Using your laptop on uneven surfaces or perching it precariously can increase the likelihood of falls or pressure points that contribute to cracks.

Travel Mishaps
During travel, laptops are prone to jostling, bumping, and even being squished in bags. These mishaps can result in screen damage.

How to Protect Your Laptop Screen From Cracks

Invest in a Quality Laptop Bag or Sleeve

A sturdy, padded laptop bag or sleeve provides a cushion against accidental bumps and falls during transportation.

Use a Laptop Stand or Cooling Pad

Elevating your laptop with a stand not only improves ergonomics but also reduces the risk of accidental knocks and spills.

Handle with Care

When opening or closing your laptop, do so gently with both hands. Avoid gripping the screen or placing pressure on it.

Clear the Area

Before closing your laptop, ensure there are no objects on the keyboard that might cause pressure points.

Avoid Carrying in Overcrowded Bags

Avoid overstuffing your bag with other items that could press against your laptop screen.

Repairs for a Cracked Laptop Screen

Professional Repair Services

If your laptop screen does crack, professional repair services like Fix and Go NY INC. can assess the extent of damage and can easily fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

DIY Kits

For minor cracks, some DIY repair kits are available, but these should be attempted only if you’re comfortable with the process.

Avoiding DIY Mistakes

DIY repairs can sometimes worsen the situation if not done correctly. It’s crucial to know your limits and seek professional assistance if unsure.

Laptop Screen Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a laptop screen varies based on factors like the laptop model, screen size, and whether it’s a touch screen. Some high-end models may have more expensive screens. While the cost may be a bit high as compared to DIY screen replacement professional replacement ensures accurate and safe installation. For fixing cracked laptop screens without replacing them,  we at Fix and Go NY INC. offer expert screen replacement services. By availing of our screen replacement services, you gain the assurance of genuine parts and skilled technicians. 


Congratulations, defender of laptop screens! By understanding the reasons behind laptop screen cracks and adopting protective measures, you’re well-equipped to safeguard your digital companion.

Should cracks occur, remember, Fix and Go NY INC. stands ready to provide expert repair services and replacements, ensuring your laptop screen stays crystal clear. Stay vigilant, and let your laptop screen shine, crack-free!

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