iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo? Solutions By A Cell Phone Repair Store
iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo

Is your iPhone stuck at the Apple logo? What to do now? Don’t worry, and we have got your back. In this article, we will talk about the best possible solutions to help you out with the situation when your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo. Try these strategies to fix this issue yourself without hiring any technical expert. If you still need to achieve the results, contacting a cell phone repair store in New York is better. At Fix and Go NY INC, we repair all kinds of iPhones and offer different repair services, including screen repair, water damage, battery issues, etc. Let us know your phone issues, and we will help you with the best possible solutions to tackle those problems.

Solutions For iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo By A Cell Phone Repair Store

These are some most common iPhone problems and their solutions that you can fix by yourself. Your iPhone if it is stuck at the Apple logo. You can force restart your iPhone as a solution to this problem. You can also reinstall your iOS software to improve your device performance. Another option is to use system repair programs to get help with this problem. You can also factory reset your iPhone to escape the situation when your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo. DFU restore is also helpful in solving this problem. Last but not least, it is always better to hire a professional cell phone repair store in New York to help you with this problem.

Force Restart Your iPhone

Different iPhone models have different restart requirements. For iPhone SE (2nd Gen or later) and iPhone 8, iPhone SE, press the Volume Up button and release. Press the Volume Down button and release. After this, press and hold the Side Button of your iPhone until you see the Apple logo on your screen. Follow the exact order to avoid sending a message to your SOS contacts. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, simultaneously press the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons. Wait and allow the phone to reboot until the logo appears. For iPhone SE (1st gen or earlier) and iPhone 6S, press and hold the Wake/Sleep and the Home Button. Hold until the logo disappears. Release the buttons once the logo reappears.

Reinstall iOS

If your phone is still frozen after restarting, try reinstalling the iOS. Connect your phone to a desktop device and open finder If you are using Mac OS Catalina or later. If you are doing this process on a Mac with a Mac OS Mojave or Windows PC, open iTunes instead. Please search for your device and force restart it again until the Recovery Mode screen option appears on your phone screen. Click on Update, and your system will reinstall the iOS without losing your data. If you cannot reinstall iOS on your own, it is better to consider getting professional help from Apple phone repair in New York. This is because miss handling your device can create more problems for you.

Do a Factory Restore

Factory restoring will remove all your data from your iPhone. So make sure you back it up on iCloud before taking this step. Go to the recovery mode from the settings and click on the restore option to factory reset your iPhone.

Use System Repair Programs

You can use different online phone repair programs to troubleshoot your iPhone and get the best possible solutions. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can choose from free or paid software. You can also ask iPhone Repair for the best system repair programs that you can use. They will guide you professionally and suggest the most compatible repair programs that you should go for.

Try a DFU Restore

Device Firmware Update restore helps overwrite incomplete Firmware and software with new code. Try this method if your phone is not physically damaged. It would help if you had a cable and a computer for this process. Go to Settings and then Recovery Mode for DFU Restore.

Consider Apple Repair Services

Get help from professional iPhone repair service providers and ask them to fix this issue. Make sure to look for quality service providers to get reliable results. Apple service providers also help you with other services, including iPhone water damage repair, screen repair, charging issues, wifi connectivity, and much more.


Above are some great solutions that can help you get rid of the situation when your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo. Try implementing these strategies individually and see which works for you. If you are still waiting for the results, get professional help from a cell phone repair store in New York. You can also consider Fix and Go NY INC for your iPhone repair needs because we have expert technicians with good iOS software and hardware systems knowledge. Moreover, our team will determine the problems causing this issue in your device and help you with the best possible repair services. Book and appointment or contact us today to get your device repaired.

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