The Must-Need Smartphone Protective Accessories in 2022
smartphone protective accessories

Be honest. A selfie stick you purchased in 2014-15 may seem like your smartphone’s most innovative addition. But, unfortunately, the phone fan you bought to cool down during the fair was also useless.

It’s crucial to keep your phone’s security in mind while enjoying the pleasure and style that these and other unusual technological accessories give to your phone. Otherwise, you may have to go for a device repair service in case of damage or any unforeseen circumstances.

You can prolong the life of your phone and get your money’s worth by investing in one of the many available accessories designed specifically for that purpose.

Protective Accessories for Smartphones

Let’s take a look into those accessories:

Pop Sockets

A Pop Socket will allow you to hold onto your phone with even more security. When combined with a high-quality case and screen protector, they are not only stylish but also quite protective. 

In addition, pop sockets reduce the risk of dropping your phone by providing an additional point of grip.

They also make it simpler to use your phone with one hand, even if you have a huge model like the iPhone 13 Pro Max or the Pixel 6 Pro, so you can relax while you hold your phone outstretched to get that ideal group selfie.

Pop Sockets may be a kickstand and come in various styles, colors, and attachment options.

Screen Protectors

Both plastic & tempered glass are common materials for screen protectors. Our professionals say that plastic screen protectors work fine, but tempered glass protectors are superior since they stay longer and are less likely to crack or any screen damage.

They also make your phone’s display feel silky smooth without impacting the touchscreen’s responsiveness.

A Shield-equipped tempered glass screen protector may safeguard your phone’s display from damage, such as scratches and breaks, even when subjected to extreme conditions. 

In addition, you get a limited lifetime warranty with every Invisible Shield screen protector you buy.

Relevant Chargers

When our phones reach 75-80% battery life, we are always urged to wait to plug them in. But did you realize that running your phone’s battery down to zero isn’t healthy for the battery’s health either?

Occasionally letting your phone go through a full charge cycle is fine, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. If you let your phone’s battery go to nothing, it may not work as well or last as long as it otherwise would. Leaving it plugged in after it’s fully charged can also help.

According to the best standards, your phone’s battery should be between 30 and 90% charged at all times, and you should always charge it again when it drops below 50%.

Avoid habitually letting your phone’s battery die by always having a decent charger. 

You can keep your phone working for years with the correct case and screen protector. 

Even if things become rough, you can rest assured knowing that Fix and Go NY  electronics repair New York pros can fix everything from visible damage like fractures and scrapes to more subtle issues like rust and corrosion. 

Protective Phone Cases

Keep in mind that your phone’s unique characteristics, such as wireless charging, necessitate that your case accommodate those features.

The material that a case is constructed from is, however, the single most significant factor to take into account. 

Keep in mind that silicone and rubber cases give basic protection but absorb less stress than other case materials. In other words, they might not always be the safest option. 

Polycarbonate and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic cases are robust and elegant, so you don’t need to buy the bulkiest, most durable case you can find to guarantee protection.

Phone cases, available at Fix and Go, are fitted with impact protective material and are our top pick for the utmost in style and security. Plus, you can also read our blog on tips to keep your cell phone clean.

First & Third-Party Accessories

First-party accessories are made for a certain phone or range. For example, to get the fastest possible charging times for your Pixel 6 or iPhone, you’ll need the Google or Apple wireless charger, which is compatible with other devices.

These accessories lack variety. Few OEMs make accessories, most cases, and covers. However, OEM accessories are pricey, and third-party equivalents are typically as good or better.

Finally, things are beginning to shift for the better. There has been a recent uptick in the availability of add-ons like wireless chargers and Bluetooth headphones. Admittedly, it’s a shame that features will be locked down depending on your phone type.

Third-party accessories are advantageous because they cover market gaps. Third-party vendors dominate phone holders, screen protectors, and Bluetooth accessories. Third-party case makers have more possibilities than OEMs in areas like cases. These options are cheaper.

These attachments have two disadvantages. First, generic items don’t always work well. Standard wireless chargers work fine, but you’ll experience slower charging speeds with some devices.

Sorting through multiple possibilities, many from unknown organizations is considerably more difficult. Compatibility is neglected. Bad chargers, cables, or power banks can damage devices. Some phone attachments may not function, so do your homework.

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