Samsung Phone Shows Lightning Bolt But Not Charging
Samsung Phone

There can be several reasons your phone shows a lightning bolt but cannot charge. You should identify and understand these issues and explain them to the repair technicians. Here are the reasons your phone is not charging.

Reason Why Samsung Phone Shows Lightning Bolt

1. A Faulty Adapter or Charging Cable

The cable and adapter might be the first reason your Samsung phone is not charging. They might be damaged, and there might be an insufficient power supply. Excessive use can damage the cable, and dropping it might cause physical injury to the adapter.

2. The Charging Port is Dirty or Damaged

When you have not cleaned the charging port in quite some time, dust, dirt, and debris can get stuck on it. This can hinder the connection between the device and the charger. Also, the charging pin inside the device can be damaged.

3. Bugs and Software Glitches

Software glitches, bugs, and viruses sometimes prevent the device from charging. These glitches and viruses exist in the device’s operating system and are one of the leading causes of phones not charging despite lightning bolts.

4. Battery Health is Deteriorating

Another reason Samsung phones don’t charge is that the battery is aging. When you use the device excessively, the battery drains faster, which affects performance. The battery will struggle to maintain charging.

5. Hardware Malfunctioning

Sometimes, you drop the phone on solid ground or water, damaging the internal components and hardware. So, be careful when handling the device, as you must save the charging circuitry and battery connector.

Troubleshooting Samsung Phone Not Charging

After learning about the reasons for the Samsung phone charging issue, it will become easier for you to try some steps that might fix this issue. The troubleshooting steps mentioned below are simple to follow.

Inspecting the Charger and Cable

The first step you should take is to inspect the charging cable and adapter for damages. Examine these parts for worn-out wires and bent charging pins, as these can obstruct the charging process. You should replace the adapter or cable if necessary. For more complex issues like battery-related problems, consider our battery replacement services for optimal performance.

Restart Your Samsung Phone

The next step suggested by Fix and Go NY INC technicians is to restart your phone.

  • Long press the “Power Button” and select power off.
  • You can wait for ten seconds and turn the device on.

This might be one of the best solutions for Samsung phones that do not charge.

Check the Charging Port

You can do a weekly inspection of your phone’s charging port. Lint, dust, dirt, and other debris can get stuck inside the port. You can use a cotton swab, compressed air, and a toothpick to clean the charging port.

Turn On the Airplane Mode

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data can sometimes interfere with your Samsung phone’s fast charging. The best option is to turn on Airplane mode.

  1. You can swipe the top screen down to reveal the “Quick Menu” option.
  2. Tap on the Airplane mode to activate it.

Update Your Phone’s Software

Another way to solve the problem of Samsung phones showing lightning bolts but not charging is by updating the device’s software.

  • You should go to the Settings menu.
  • Select the Software Update option.
  • You can choose to download or update software as required.

Use a Wireless Charger

If your device has this option, you can also charge your phone through a wireless charger. This will bypass the physical connection between the charger and the device, which might also be useful in solving the charging issue.

Enable Fast Charging Setting

Often, Samsung phones support fast charging. If this is the case with your device, you can enable the Fast Charging Setting.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find the Device care option.
  • Go to the Battery section and select Charging.
  • Then toggle on the Fast charging option.

Contact the Samsung’s Customer Support or Third-Party Repair Shop

If you have attempted all the above steps but the issue remains, the last resort is to take your Samsung to customer support or a third-party repair shop like Fix and Go NY INC. Here, the technicians will properly diagnose the reason for the issue and suggest solutions in a minimal time!


It is troubling to face the issue of the Samsung phone showing a lightning bolt but not charging because you don’t know if the device is charging. It would be best if you learned about the reasons for this issue so that you can understand the solutions, from inspecting the charging cable and adapter to sending the device to a repair shop or customer support center. For immediate assistance, contact us at (212-203-7789) for expert solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Samsung phone only showing a lightning bolt?

A faulty charging cable or charger is the reason the Samsung phone shows a lightning bolt but is not charging.

What does the lightning bolt mean on my Samsung phone?

The lightning bolt symbol indicates that the power source is connected to the device and its charging.

How do I know if my dead phone is charging?

You will see a battery icon with a lightning bolt symbol inside on the screen of your dead phone.

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