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The Apple company is a multinational computer technology company based in the United States that specializes in the manufacture,production,development,improvement,and sale of computer software smart phones, and computers. Apple is one of the leading companies of the modern era, and its existence was based on a long and eventful history, as it was founded by Steve and Wozinak in 1976 they designed a computer that marked the beginning of Apple computers in  the period from 1981 to 1985.

Apple was named after Steve Jobs and his earlier work on an apple orchard, who believed the apple to be the perfect fruit, in the perfect shape and packing, with high nutrients and not being easily damaged, and with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne the company was founded on April 1,1976, and later merged into 1977,changing the name to Apple Inc.

Apple’s first product, Apple I was a hand-name computer made by Apple founder Steve Wusniak.

Steve Jobs became temporary CEO of Apple in 1997,took an interest in restructing the production process,announced that Microsoft would release versions of Microsoft Office software for the Apple Macintosh, and opened a store to deliver all new products to its customers. Apple produced its new computer, which in 1998 sold more than 800000 copies and made many profits for the company, in 2001 Apple released its operating system known as the Macintosh, and from 2005 to the present Apple has seen many developments, Jobs announced the use of internal processors for the Macintosh, and in 2006, the iMac and MacBook Pro appeared, and at this point in time Apple’s success led to its stock price rising dramatically. Apple provided many important business and technology services, such as Apple Music and App Store, as the services increased Apple’s sales of both iPads and iPhones, the company’s quarterly profits increased by 12%.

Apple expects sales to increase with the release of new machines, with Apple’s iPhone sales increasing 2% and iPad sales up 15%.

Apple’s vision is committed to the manufacture and provision of musical electronic devices, personal computers for individual teachers, employees, and students, and computers used by government agencies and companies Apple’s business strategy was concerned with enhancing its capabilities in designing its operating system and contributing to its development, and offering many other products to customers that are easy to use distinctive and innovative design.


Apple logo opinions differ on the story of the Apple logo, which is a chewed apple, One view is that the logo was conceived in terms of the intelligence of company founder, Steve Jobs, who used it to refer to the apple that had fallen on Newton’s head, the bite was based on Job’s ideas of the inadequacy of life in general, the choice of the bitten apple logo was associated with the beginning of human existence, and the invention and design of the IMAC was conceived in an area of apple trees.

From the founding of Apple in the 20th century until the present, Apple designed,produced,and developed many computer and digital products that marked a major breakthrough in the computer sector electronics, and applications. It is considered to be a special element in the world of personal computers, and was not specific to any particular class of people.

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