4 Solutions To iPhone wifi Connectivity Issues
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iPhone users often need help connecting their phones to wifi. There are many reasons behind this issue, including poor wifi strength, outdated iOS versions, wrong wifi settings, etc. But what are the solutions to these common iPhone problems? Don’t worry this article is all about the best possible solutions to iPhone wifi connectivity issues by a cell phone repair store in New York. You can try these strategies at home to fix this issue yourself or get professional help. Fix and Go NY INC has been working in this industry for years now and has great experience repairing all models of iPhone.

Fix iPhone wifi Connectivity Issues By Phone Repair Store

Here we will talk about the four best strategies to help you eliminate the wifi connectivity problems in your iPhone. You can restart your iPhone to get out of this connectivity issue. Moreover, you can also turn on your airplane mode and then turn it off again to see if the problem is gone. Another solution is to delete all the corrupt wifi connections to avoid connectivity problems. Changing your network settings might also help you with solving this issue. If you still have the problem, get professional help from an iPhone repair store in New York.

Restart Your iPhone

If there is a minor issue in the wifi connectivity of your iPhone, you can solve this by simply restarting your device. Restart your iPhone and check if the wifi sign is visible and catch the proper signal strength. To restart your iPhone follow this process. Press and hold the side button of your phone to see a power OFF notification on the screen. Slide the slider to turn off your device, and wait for 30 seconds before you move this slider. Then turn on your iPhone again by long pressing the power button on the side of your phone. If you are having trouble restarting your iPhone, get professional help from Apple phone repair in New York. Attempting to restart your device again and again without getting the desired results may damage it even more.

Turn On The Airplane Mode

Another method is to try turning off your airplane mode and then turn it on again to see if the wifi connectivity issue resolves. To turn on the airplane mode, open the settings of your iPhone and choose the airplane mode option. Toggle the switch to ON. Turning on airplane mode will disconnect all the wireless radios connected to your device. This will allow your phone to reboot. After some time, toggle OFF the airplane mode and see if the wifi connectivity problem has been resolved. Get help from iPhone Repair if you cannot change your airplane mode settings. Their technical experts will help you with the best possible solution to this problem.

Delete The Corrupt Wi-Fi connections

Deleting corrupt wifi connections might also help you solve your iPhone’s connectivity issue. To do this step, go to the settings of your iPhone and choose the wifi option. As a result, you will see all the available networks in your connection list. At this time, make sure that your wifi is ON already. Select each wifi network separately to open a menu with the option of forgetting the connection’s password. Click on forget password and once you have forgotten the passwords of all the networks, turn OFF your wifi. Then restart your iPhone and turn ON your wifi again by going to your device’s settings. Click on the connection you want to connect to, and enter the password and other details to connect to the network.

Correct Your wifi Settings

To reset your iPhone network settings:

  • Go to your device’s settings and click on the General option.
  • Scroll down to choose the reset option and click on reset network settings.
  • Enter your passcode and confirm your action to reset your connection settings.

It is always best to consider high-quality iPhone repair services to help you with wifi connectivity issues. Moreover, you can also avail of other repair services like iPhone water damage repair, screen repair, and problems freezing from iPhone service providers.


These are some great solutions that can help you get out of phone connectivity issues if you are an iPhone user. It is also important to check your connection strength before using these strategies. If your connection strength is excellent, try implementing these strategies one by one and see if the problem is solved. If not, ask for technical help from a cell phone repair store in New York. Fix and Go NY INC has iPhone repair services and experience fixing different varieties of iPhones. Let us know your iPhone problems as we would love to help you with our professional services. Contact us or book and appointment today to get a quote.

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