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Computer Repair Services

The computer has been acting erratically. It randomly crashes and freezes. First, you should determine whether the problem results from software or hardware. You can check your computer for software problems using diagnostic programs. A hardware issue may exist and need expert computer repair in New York.

Computer Repair Services Tips

Finding Fault

Assuming you have zeroed in on a hardware issue, the next step is to isolate the problematic component. For more details on the nature of the problem that resulted in the system freeze, check the blue screen error log file. If you know the problem code or the file’s name, you can look it up online to find out what device the error is associated with.

You can use benchmark utilities to stress test your CPU (central processor) and graphics card if you haven’t seen any blue screen of death errors but your computer is acting erratically or sluggishly. Hard drives and RAM health can also be checked with the help of analytical and diagnostic equipment (primary memory).

If you’ve exhausted all previous troubleshooting steps and are still suspicious that a certain part is at fault, replacing it with a known good one may be the last resort. However, some trial and error are required, so be sure to have a supply of replacement parts available. Having your PC serviced at a dedicated computer shop could be preferable.

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Hard Drive

Power surges, viruses, software flaws, file corruption, overheating, and faulty construction are some of the many potential reasons for a hard disk to crash. They cause mechanical, electrical, logical, and firmware failures on hard drives. When HDDs (hard disk drives) fail, it’s usually because of a mechanical failure, where the drive’s moving parts have worn out or stopped working properly.

It is possible to repair the vast majority of faults using dedicated software to detect faulty sectors on your hard disk. Professional computer technicians can use specific data recovery methods to retrieve lost information in the event of a hard disk crash or failure. Data loss on a damaged hard drive may be irretrievable in extreme circumstances.

Graphics Card

Signs that your graphics card is about to fail to include stuttering, artifacts, or blacking out display. Your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) may create an unusual buzzing noise, or its fans may run at a higher RPM than usual. Overheating, insufficient RAM, power, physical damage, dust, and improper installation are just a few of the many potential causes of graphics card failure.

If updating your motherboard and graphics card drivers doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to repair the card itself. The card needs to be disassembled, the heatsink is taken off, and the power cable unplugged before it can be cleaned properly. Sometimes the connections between chips need to be strengthened by heating them and then soldering or applying thermal paste.


Insufficient RAM is often detected by a computer’s performance decreasing over time as more apps are used. Power surges, electrostatic discharge, overheating, a malfunctioning memory module, or a bad memory slot on the motherboard can all cause RAM to malfunction. Besides causing your computer to overheat, improper overclocking can also cause stress to your RAM sticks.

Try replacing one module simultaneously to determine whether the problem is with the RAM or memory modules. Your RAM stick is broken if the other modules work OK. Install RAM modules one at a time and check for problems with a diagnostics program. RAM sticks are typically replaced rather than mended.

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It’s easy to repair common motherboard problems like loose connections or a weak power supply. However, fixing your motherboard after an electrical breakdown can be a major hassle. You risk permanently damaging the motherboard’s complex circuitry with even the slightest misstep.

The capacitors and connectors on a motherboard supply electricity to the various parts. The motherboard’s capacitors may swell, blow, or leak fluid if it comes into contact with other metallic components (such as the computer case). A professional computer technician who is skilled with a soldering iron can repair faulty capacitors.


Fixing computer hardware is complicated. DIY hardware repairs are an option for tech enthusiasts and computer professionals, but inexperienced tinkerers often worsen matters. Don’t mess with the serious stuff; read on to learn where you can find reliable computer repair services.

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