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For a whole long decade, Samsung has dominated the smartphone space. Starting with the launch of their GT-series of smartphone models to the latest foldable phones Samsung is on top most smartphone innovations.  The Samsung brand of phones have got both style and substance.  They continue to bring you cutting edge technologies that keep making your smartphones smarter, better, powerful and more convenient to use. Here are some of the latest features from Samsung that ought to create more upcoming trends in the smartphone space.

5G phones

Most of the upcoming versions of Samsung mobiles are equipped with support for 5G. It happens to be just in time to satisfy the growing data needs. With major upgrades to the overall speed and performance, Samsung is currently shipping out 5g flagship models under the Samsung Galaxy Series namely

  • S10 5G
  • Note 10 Plus 5g
  •  Fold 5G
  •  A90 5G

Folding phones

Also called flip phones, the newest range of Samsung Fold phones brings back the memories of the old school flip phone models. These phones sport a sleek design and a smooth full view display. They have a distinct  larger screen display. One winning model that was launched recently is the Galaxy Z Flip. This model sports a Infinity Flex Display that uses a proprietary bendable Ultra thin glass (UTG). You can sit these phones up much like a laptop and take some cool selfies. The phone also supports multi-active windows for enabling multi tasking.

The other new launch, Galaxy Z Fold2 can open and fold like a book and can be used in folding, unfolding and flex modes at a variety of angles. The UI works seamlessly on all modes and packs in a powerful set of enhanced camera and supported features.

Multiple camera lenses

Samsung has also  upgraded their multiple camera lenses with features like 3D picture capture, optical zoom and higher resolutions. Some phones are also equipped with added camera options like dual front cameras and quad rear camera setups.

The Galaxy S20 FE model is one of the new launches that boasts a highly specialised pro grade  camera lens, three on the rear and a 32 MP front camera.

One UI 2

An enhanced UI module has been deployed with the latest phone models. It provides

  • better visual language,
  • easy access to frequently used apps,
  • optimised notification display,
  • smarter dark mode
  • and more customisable options.

The smartphone space is growing everyday with many new technologies and exciting features. And we make sure we stay on top of all the latest tech to make sure to provide top notch services to our customers. Do call us for any repairs and diagnostics you need for your precious phones.

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