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Tip to Fix Laptop Turn On Issues

Can you imagine the inconvenience when you open the laptop and it doesn’t turn on? The anxiety and worries associated with this issue vary for all individuals but it is a major concern for most people. In this situation, there are a few things that you can do to save the day on your own. 

However, if these tips and tricks don’t work, you should take your laptop to computer repairs in New York. You must choose computer repairs in New York, very wisely, so that you can get the true value for money.

Fix and Go NY INC is one of the best computer repairs in the area. We have a highly competent team of individuals equipped with all the necessary equipment. We deal with all your laptop-related problems at your convenience. 

Fix Laptop Turn Issues By Computer Repairs in New York

Your laptop may have a bad power supply, battery, motherboard, video card, or RAM if it won’t turn on at all, even when it’s plugged in. Start with the fundamentals when troubleshooting an unresponsive laptop. Be careful to plug the computer’s power wire into an outlet as well. 

Make sure the connection hasn’t come loose by inspecting the laptop’s battery and power connector. If it still won’t switch on, there might be an issue with an internal component. 

Power Cord

In case you are using a desktop system, you must check the connection cord. However, in the case of using a laptop, having a cord connected to the power supply is not necessary all the time.

Sometimes, even if the card is connected, it does not bother the computer or charge the laptop sufficiently. Check the power cord very closely for any kinks that might be obstructing the electricity flow.

It is quite challenging to find an authentic and reliable power cord. com Therefore it is important that you choose computer repairs in New York that offer premium quality computer accessories.

Check Battery Quality 

Check the power connector on the laptop itself once you’ve ruled out a bad power supply. Power connectors may stop functioning as they get loose over time. Take your laptop to be repaired if the power connector has been damaged or if there are any loose pieces. Try turning on the laptop with just the power supply connected by removing the battery. 

Replace the battery if the laptop powers on even without the battery so that it can charge and operate properly. However, it is better that you don’t replace the battery yourself and consult computer repair services near you.


Internal thermal protection on most laptop processors causes the device to shut down. Once the system has cooled, the laptop won’t turn on again. Check that the vents of the computer aren’t blocked and that the hot air is being properly expelled if you’re using it on a bed, pillow, or another soft surface. 

There might be a defective fan in the laptop, which leads to compromised venting. Allow your laptop to cool entirely before attempting to turn it back on if it is hot to the touch. Most likely, an overheating issue exists with a laptop that restarts after cooling down. It is better that you take your laptop to a laptop repair store rather than trying to manage it yourself. 

Internal Damage

If you do not discover any issues with the power supply, battery, or overheating, an internal malfunction may be the root of the problem. This could be a faulty motherboard, a video card, RAM, or software problem, as well as broken or damaged charging circuits. The best computer repair can diagnose the problem instantly because they are equipped with all the necessary equipment and software.

Lessen the Damage

Shut down your laptop right away if the liquid spills onto the keyboard. Time plays a crucial role in this regard. The longer your laptop is powered on, the more harm could be done as the liquid penetrates the circuitry. 

Stop working immediately and don’t bother saving your work or closing files. Your device’s battery can be removed by pulling the adapter cord from the back of the device. A wet laptop is bad, but a wet laptop that is still powered on and receiving power is worse. 

To Wind it Up! 

All electric appliances require great maintenance and care. If you are using a laptop and it has all your files in it, you must be extra careful so that you can enjoy maximum efficiency. For regular maintenance to clean your laptop, it is better to consult a computer repair in New York that has hundreds of positive reviews. At Fix and Go NY INC, we make sure that we provide premium services in minimum time. You can trust us with all your relevant concerns.

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