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Tips to Fix Dysfunctional Laptop Keys

Consider the keyboard not working properly while you are in the middle of an important project. Not only is it very annoying, but also might lead to major defects in your project. Therefore, it is important to solve this problem as soon as possible.Ā 

For this purpose, you need the help of the most reliable computer repairs in New York. At Fix and Go NY INC, we cater to all of your computer-related problems with great expertise. We have all the necessary equipment and advanced technology to deal with all of your computer-related problems.

In this blog, you will be able to see a few issues that might be leading to the dysfunction of your keyboard. These few points might help resolve your problem.

How to Fix Dysfunctional Laptop Keys By Computer Repairs in New York

Your keyboard may be malfunctioning for several reasons, including hardware failure and software problems. However, you may usually focus on a few widespread issues with laptop repair, such as:


There can be a driver problem causing your keyboard to be unresponsive. If you’ve connected a different keyboard in the past, that driver can interfere and disable your present keyboard.


Your laptop motherboard and your keyboard connector may have become loose, damaged, or destroyed, making your keyboard inoperable. To fix this problem, you should consult a computer repair in New York.

Accumulation of Dirt and Spills

You should not eat or drink using your laptop because if water spills on the laptop and you donā€™t clean it, the particles accumulate and cause dysfunction of the keyboard. Similarly, if there are liquid spills on the keyboard, it can compromise functionality greatly. In case of any spills, you should immediately contact computer repair services.

Increased Sensitivity

Your settings may have been altered or wrongly updated, causing many entries to appear on your screen after pressing a key just once.

There are a few ways to get your laptop back up and running once you’ve established that the keyboard is not functioning. Finding out whether a hardware or software issue is preventing you from pressing a key will be the first thing you should do. Visit a computer screen repair or computer expert for a detailed analysis.

See if the Keyboard is Dirty

Using a soft cloth, clean any buildup or grime from your keyboard. To remove dust, you can also gently shake your laptop while it is upright. However, make sure you unplug and switch off your laptop first.

Removed Battery

If your laptop battery is removable, remove it and connect your device to the wall outlet using the charging cable. The battery is frequently to blame for keyboard problems because it is situated right beneath the keys; this is particularly true when the battery in your laptop is overheating.

Reconnect the MotherboardĀ 

This is a challenging issue if your laptop’s keyboard has become disconnected from the motherboard or has been damaged. It is not wise to perform any repairs on your own. Only trust a highly experienced professional in a computer repair store for this purpose.

If there are no physical stains or damages, your keyboard can have a software bug.Ā 

Modify or Update Keyboard DriversĀ 

Various factors, such as third-party software or a power problem, could be the cause of your device drivers failing. To see whether it fixes your keyboard, uninstall and reinstall the drivers.Ā 

How to fix the keys on your MacBook’s keyboard:

  • Select the Keyboard from the menu on the left after opening System Preferences > Accessibility.
  • Verify under the Hardware section that Enables Slow Keys is selected. In such a case, uncheck Enable Slow Keys.
  • While this function can prevent you from inadvertently pressing keys you don’t mean to, it can also impair your typing in general. Rather than fixing it yourself, you should take your device to an apple computer repair.

Modify the Layout of the KeyboardĀ 

It’s possible that the keyboard layout or language on your laptop was altered unintentionally. Observe your keys to see if they are creating letters that are different from what they should be.

On a Mac, how do you alter the keyboard layout?

  • Start System Preferences and navigate to Keyboard > Input Sources.
  • Choose Show input menu from the menu bar at the bottom, then click the addition sign (+) to add a language.

How to alter the PC keyboard layout?Ā 

  • Language and time can be chosen by clicking Settings from the Start menu.
  • Select Language from the list on the left. Choose Options by clicking your current language.
  • Pick the layout you want to add by clicking Add a Keyboard in the Keyboards section.

Final Words!Ā 

If you’re still having issues, there might be a more serious issue preventing your laptop’s keyboard from functioning. It might be physically harmed, flawed, or infected with viruses. Therefore it is better to consult a professional in computer repair in New York. Fix and Go NY INC is the best choice in this regard because we offer quality as well as a guarantee of our repairs.


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