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Tips to Unfreeze An Android Phone

Phones have become an essential part of our lives, without which we would be unable to perform and keep a record of our daily tasks. Whenever something wrong with them, we panic, and this is especially the case with your phone screen freezing. But don’t worry, as experts in electronics repair in New York give some tips to unfreeze your Android phone or Apple phone if it’s stuck at the Apple logo.

One of the most common issues Android users face is their phone screen freezing. It is really frustrating to find out that your phone’s screen has suddenly become unresponsive, but stressing over it won’t make it work smoothly again. What will make it work smoothly again is these tips from the repair services experts of electronics repair in New York.

Experts at Fix And Go NY INC suggest that you try the tips below to make your phone’s frozen screen responsive again. However, if it does not start working smoothly, you can bring it to us to get your phone thoroughly inspected, diagnosed, and fixed. Just like a screen freezing, damaged and broken screens are common to phone users, whether Apple or Samsung. You can learn the common reasons for phone screen breaking by reading our blog on it so you can avoid those reasons. 

Before we start discussing how to fix your phone’s frozen screen, you need to understand the causes of the frozen screen. Although there are tons of reasons that may make your phone screen freeze, let’s look at some of the most common ones:

  • Low or No Memory Space:
    Most times, the low memory space available on your phone is causing your phone to become unresponsive. Therefore, the experts in cell phone repair recommend that you should at least keep 20% of your phone’s memory free. In most cases, phones start making issues when around 10% of memory is left free. To avoid your phone’s screen from freezing, it is recommended that you do a thorough cleansing of your device’s memory and cached data by deleting unnecessary media files and data from your phone. 
  • Malware Infection:
    Viruses can harm the phone and you as they silently kill all your data. Not only this, but it can also make your phone unresponsive and may make the phone screen freeze.
  • Low RAM:
    Low RAM is another cause of your phone’s screen freezing. Installing different apps at the same time can put too much strain on your phone’s RAM. Similarly, various apps running in the background of your phone may cause it to become unresponsive.
  • Updates of Software:
    Apps you have already installed on your phone get updated, but you do not use all apps. Therefore, it is suggested that you must free your device from the apps you don’t use, as it will help lower the burden on your phone. You must only update the apps that you use. 

So these are some of the many causes of your phone’s screen becoming unresponsive or freezing. Now let’s move on to what you can do to make your phone’s screen work smoothly again. 

How To Unfreeze Android Phone’s Frozen Screen? Tips By Experts of Electronics Repair In New York

Forcefully Reboot Your Phone

According to the experts in cell phone repair, the first that you are advised to do when your phone becomes unresponsive is you shall try to reboot it forcefully by rebooting the device. All the apps running in the background stop, and the phone restarts. You may reboot your android device by holding the power button, or if your phone has a removable battery, you may remove it to turn off your phone and restart it. 

Update The Phone’s Software

It is recommended to update your phone’s software to the latest version as updates are introduced to improve your phone’s functions and introduce new and better features. It may even lead to better power management of your phone, and there may be some bug or error in the previous version of the software that is making your phone’s screen freeze. By updating the phone’s software to the latest version, you may be able to solve the issue. 

So these are some of the tips given by the experts of electronics repair in New York to make your android phone start functioning normally again. If any of the above information does not help, you may bring it to us at Fix And Go NY INC to get your phone inspected, diagnosed, and fixed instantly.

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