iPhone 15 and 15 Pro: Release Date, Features, and What to Expect in 2023
iPhone15 Release date

Excitement is all around us as Apple gears up to launch its latest iPhone lineup! Yes, you have read it right, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro are just about to launch and as we heard, Apple is about to drop some series game changing upgrades. At Fix and Go NY INC, we are equally as excited as you are!

So while we wait for the grand reveal, let’s talk about all the rumours regarding the price and features of this new addition to the iPhone family. However, before we move on that, let’s first talk about the release date and release event of this iPhone. 

Apple has officially announced the release of the iPhone 15 lineup on Sep 12, 2023, in the ‘Wanderlust’ event which will take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, California. So what is all this hype about the new iPhone and when will it be available on shelves? Let’s dig deeper into all the details we have heard. 

When To Watch the iPhone 15 Release Event?

As mentioned previously, the iPhone 15 release event is scheduled for 6 p.m. BST on Tuesday, Sep 12, 2023. If you want to catch all the action live, watch its live stream on YouTube. 

Release Date: Sep 22, 2023 (Tentatively)

The release of iPhones usually happens like this. Apple announces the release of the new iPhone on a Tuesday, pre-orders start later that week on the Apple Store, and the iPhone hits the shelves of the stores on the following Friday. 

For the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, we expect the pre-orders to start on Sep 15, 2023, and the iPhone to be available on store shelves from Friday, September 22.

However, there’s a twist in the tale. Supply chain experts suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might make its debut slightly later, possibly in October. Rumor has it that Apple might even rebrand it from “Max” to “Ultra.” Exciting, right?

What Can We Expect from the iPhone 15?

While the iPhone 15 might not bring groundbreaking changes, it’s still getting some tweaks, as is its Pro sibling. Unlike some rivals, Apple is unlikely to reintroduce fingerprint sensors, sticking with Face ID.

What’s under the hood?

Well, the iPhone 15 will feature an upgraded microchip – the A17 bionic. This cutting-edge 3-nanometer processor should provide better performance and efficiency, potentially boosting the phone’s battery life.

Dynamic Island

Another anticipated change is the “dynamic island” screen design, which ditches the notch in favor of a punch-hole camera. This change aligns with the design trend introduced with the iPhone X.

Periscope Camera

Cameras are getting some love too. The entry-level iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models are expected to feature significant camera upgrades, including a more powerful 48MP wide camera. The advanced iPhone 15 Pro models might go a step further with a “periscope” camera lens for improved zoom capabilities.Expect a slightly bigger camera bump on the back and a glass screen with curved edges. 

Action Button

Reports also suggest that the mute button could make way for a more versatile “action” button, programmable for various functions.

Apple’s iOS 17 software is likely to debut with the iPhone 15, bringing new features like a journal app for writing and remembering.

Changes to the Charging Cable

One of the most noticeable changes is the charging cable and port. Apple is transitioning from its Lightning cables to USB-C, a shift accelerated by an EU law to standardize chargers and reduce e-waste. So, if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll soon be plugging in with a USB-C cable.

What About the Apple Watch?

Expect upgrades in the Apple Watch Series 9, likely with a more powerful processor. Whether there will be a refresh for the rugged Apple Watch Ultra remains to be seen.

Pricing Predictions

As for the price tag, we’re still in the dark. However, signs point towards a potential increase. Last year, inflation nudged up the prices of Apple’s new phones, with the iPhone 14 Pro starting at £150 more than its predecessor. Barclays analysts expect the iPhone 15 lineup to follow suit with a higher price point – around $100 more for the iPhone 15 Pro and $100 to $200 more for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Inflation might have an additional say in the matter, so stay tuned for the final pricing details.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are set to bring some exciting changes, from upgraded processors to enhanced cameras. With the shift to USB-C and the promise of a new charging experience, it’s a significant moment for iPhone users. And while the exact pricing remains a mystery, the upgrades on offer suggest it might be worth the investment. So, mark your calendars for September 12 and get ready to explore Apple’s latest creations!

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